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Production ceased September 2008 following an announcement over three years earlier in May 2005. The web shop is now closed.

To satisfy essential repair requirements, small quantites, sometimes on extended lead times, are available. .


TDS2020F-SP Starter Pack contains most of what you need for TDS2020F development. Also required are STARTING-FORTH (if Forth is new to you) and a PC. For data-logging applications you need to order a RAM or Flash chip to hold the collected data. Alternatively, add a TDS2020CM2 PCMCIA adapter (with Compact Flash converter TDS2020CFA if required) and an appropriate RAM, Flash or hard disk card. If you choose Flash or disk, add a 128k or 512k RAM to act as cache memory. Also, add a TDS2020CAN-PIN CAN-bus adapter if needed.

TDS2020F-SP Starter Pack

TDS2020F-SP Starter Pack

The order code TDS2020F-SP includes:


q       TDS2020F card computer with Forth in the microprocessor

q       RAM32K RAM for holding program during development

q       EEPROM32K Flash-EEPROM for compilation in the latter stages

q       PINSOCKETSET set of sockets for the prototype application

q       TDS2020TM this TDS2020F Technical Manual

q       TDS2020HM microprocessor Hardware Manual on CD

q       TDS-PC for Windows CD with development system, software library, website and other useful material.


These order codes are for manufacturing once development is complete:


q       TDS2020F has a 64-way pin-header connector, use this version if the module will be put on a motherboard or connected by ribbon cable.

q       TDS2020F-PLUG has a 64/96 DIN41612 connector type C for use in rack systems.


Flash Forth is preloaded in both. The 32-pin (data) and 28-pin (program) sockets are vacant and you'll need to order an EEPROM32K or 27C256 for the program. Many applications will need no further chips. If memory is required for the 32-pin socket order a 28SF040 512k byte Flash chip or RAM128K/RAM512K.


For a yearly subscription there is an extended library and update service. The library has a growing list of useful functions to save you time in software development, for details see the Applications Software datasheet. On placing an order for the Update Service you will be sent:


q       Co-operative traditional Forth multitasker

q       Pre-emptive multitasking

q       Latest updates to TDS-PC for Windows

q       Source code for TDS-PC for Windows

q       Forth words database and indexing utility

q       Source code optimisation utility

q       Extended software library routines

q       New additions to the library

q       New Forth kernel when there is an update


You will also get a card to return with the name of a nominated person in your organisation. Once we receive this we will mail you updates for a year. The order code for the 12-month subscription is UPDATE-SERVICE.

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