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Production ceased September 2008 following an announcement over three years earlier in May 2005. The web shop is now closed.

To satisfy essential repair requirements, small quantites, sometimes on extended lead times, are available. .


TDS9092SP Starter Pack

q       TDS9092SP Starter Pack containing most of what you need for TDS9092 developments. Also required are ANS-HANDBOOK (if Forth is new to you), a PC and (eventually) a PROM programmer.

TDS9092SP Starter Pack

TDS9092-PIN & TDS9092-PLUG

These are for manufacturing once development is complete.


q       TDS9092-PIN has a 64-way pin-header connector, use this version if the module will be put on a motherboard or connected by ribbon cable.

q       TDS9092-PLUG has a DIN 41612 connector type C for use in a rack system.


The 28-pin socket is vacant. RAMs and EPROMs are available separately:


RAM order code:

RAM32K (62256 or equivalent)

EPROM order code:

EPROM32K (27C256 or equivalent)


For a yearly subscription there is an extended library and update service. The library has a growing list of useful functions to save you time in software development, for details see the Applications Software datasheet. On placing an order for the Update Service you will be sent:


q       Co-operative traditional Forth multitasker for TDS2020F

q       Pre-emptive multitasking for TDS2020F

q       Latest updates to TDS-PC for Windows

q       Source code for TDS-PC for Windows

q       Forth words database and indexing utility

q       Source code optimisation utility

q       Extended software library routines

q       New additions to the library

q       New Forth kernel when there is an update


You will also get a card to return with the name of a nominated person in your organisation. Once we receive this we will mail you updates for a year. The order code for the 12-month subscription is UPDATE-SERVICE.

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