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Hardware expansion
Extending the bus
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The TDS2020F data bus carries 100ns digital signals and should not be led more than 300mm (12 inches) from the computer. This is only a guideline because degradation of signal edges caused by capacitance will depend on the particular ribbon cable used. However some applications need a display and keyboard remote from the TDS2020F, for example where they are on an operator's control panel and the computer is closer to the point of control.

Extending the bus

Extending the bus
Click the diagram for more detail, or to save a copy:
1. in Internet Explorer right click on the picture and select "Save Target as..."
2. in Netscape double-click the picture to open the file, then under "File" select the "Save As" option.

The diagram shows how the data bus, Port B and other lines can be buffered. Use good shielding to contain the increased electromagnetic radiation. A character LCD is shown but you can use the same principles to make a circuit for graphics types.

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